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Site Map
This online store is organized in a way which is shown in the chart below. The above section has links to the most popular sections. On the left is first ''search form' followed by the sections in which items are classified, the bestseller (only on the main page), and ''Help''. On the right above are information about the cart, number of products and value of purchasing. Next is Track Log section, where you can log in to the web shop, or if you are logged in, change your account settings (My Account) and view the archive orders.

How do I find a product?
Products that interest you, you'll easily find through a search box. In the Search box type the word, code or root word that interests you. It could be part of the product name, part description, manufacturer, etc.. Search also supports advanced search, which is activated by clicking on the ''Advanced Search''. In Advanced search you can enter your search words, price range and select a section in which the search engine searches. If your search returns too many results, try to be more accurate. If the search does not find your product, try the root of words or synonyms.

Another option is searching through the sections. In the column on the left side you have listed the sections in which items are arranged. Many sections also have their own subsections. Sections are logically divided so that should not have any problem when browsing. If the product falls into several categories, it will appear in all.

How do I buy this product?
You can freely put items in the cart, as you can remove them from the cart at any time. You can see the condition of the cart by clicking on link Show cart in the cart section. When you decide to purchase, press Checkout, fill in personal information - Step 1 (if you already used this website or if you have previously registered as a new customer, your information will not be required again). In Step 2 select the payment method in Step 3, you can change the name of the addressee, change the method of payment or they finally decide to buy.

Steps to purchase - contract

Selection of items - giving order
(status of the order "in process'')
The user collects items that want and add them to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart". Selected items can be removed from the cart at any time by clicking "Remove. " When the user completes the collection of articles, click on the "Checkout" and at the box office fill all the necessary information and to award the order. The order is placed in a row and the customer gets a copy of the order in the mailbox. The customer has the option to cancel the order via email or telephone in period of two hours. The order shall be kept in the "Archives" on the server of provider. The user can obtain it through the "Archives" in the section "Login ".

Correction of orders
At any time during the purchase, a user can open the cart and from the cart remove selected items using the "Remove".

Order confirmed
Within less than 48 hours a seller review the order, check product availability and approve the order or reject it. In the case that the price at the time of the processing contract changes, the seller is bound to try to offer the user a lower price or offer a solution that was mutually satisfactory. Seller reserves the right to call the user's telephone number or otherwise contact him. The contract between providers and users is valid with the message "Processing", in case of rejection of the order, the contract is canceled.

A seller pack and dispatch ordered goods which include original sales receipt and any instructions and a warranty certificate.

By logging into the Log in you gain new additional options. The products you want, but for ANY reason you cannot buy, you can save it at a wish list (button to add is in the details of each product). Within the scope of Log in you may change your personal information or delete your account. You can also view the archive of orders, print your order or invoice for completed purchase.

What are the news?
The news are informations to let you know about new products, promotions and reduced prices. You can log in the news box, which is located on the right side under the scope of the registration.

I need more help
If you need additional assistance, please visit the Help link in the Conditions and Terms or visit the link. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, you can put it through the form your questions (see link), which is located at this link, or send an e-mail to
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