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Dolenjska 80
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 1 42 73 707
Fax: +386 1 89 51 742

mon - fri: 11am-6pm

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BUDO SHOP is an online store, managed by BUDO SHOP Andrej Jasenc s.p., at an advanced text "seller". You are advised that before using this online store carefully read the following terms and conditions. By using the website you express agreement to these terms. If you do not agree with, please do not use BUDO SHOP online store. Seller reserves the right to change the conditions on the Budo SHOP web site at any time, without prior notice. All changes are binding on customers, and we recommend that you regularly look at our business conditions.

Manager of the online store:
Andrej Jasenc s.p.
Gorenje 33
1332 Stara Cerkev

VAT No.: SI33386200
IBAN: SI5602320-0253811369

No. of last entry in the register: 316-10-V01-022035 / 2 on the day 22.03.2007
Member of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Members online store

This online store can be used by an individual or a company or legal entity. Members of the online stores have access to special benefits such as club price (if there is one), special actions, discounts and gifts. All private information will be kept confidential. More about this in Chapter security and privacy.


All prices quoted in BUDO SHOP online store are listed in euro (€) and include value of added tax (VAT), unless otherwise stated. Prices with VAT are valid for EU countries, non-EU countries customers are invited to login on in order to see prices without VAT. Prices are valid at the conclusion of the order or when the buyer gets the message that the order was being processed. Prices and availability information is subject to change without prior notice. Offer under these conditions is valid until the sale of stock.


Information concerning the conclusion of the contract or the order are stored by seller. They can be found in the user's individual user account (access via internet) or in the database (access in person or by telephone). The contract may be concluded in the Slovenian language. Contract and order can be made by telephone, email or online via the online store. Corrections or additions to the contract can be sent by e-mail or phone.

Steps to purchase - contract

Selection of items - giving order
(status of the order "in process'')
The user collects items that want and add them to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart". Selected items can be removed from the cart at any time by clicking "Remove. " When the user completes the collection of articles, click on the "Checkout" and at the box office fill all the necessary information and to award the order. The order is placed in a row and the customer gets a copy of the order in the mailbox. The customer has the option to cancel the order via email or telephone in period of two hours. The order shall be kept in the "Archives" on the server of provider. The user can obtain it through the "Archives" in the section "Login ".

Correction of orders

At any time during the purchase, a user can open the cart and from the cart remove selected items using the "Remove".

Order confirmed

Within less than 48 hours a seller review the order, check product availability and approve the order or reject it. In the case that the price at the time of the processing contract changes, the seller is bound to try to offer the user a lower price or offer a solution that was mutually satisfactory. Seller reserves the right to call the user's telephone number or otherwise contact him. The contract between providers and users is valid with the message "Processing", in case of rejection of the order, the contract is canceled.


A seller pack and dispatch ordered goods which include original sales receipt and any instructions and a warranty certificate.

Order cancellation

The user can cancel the contract by email within 2 hours after placing the order. After expiration of period of 2 hours, the cancellation can be made only by telephone.

The email must include the following information:
  1. In the subject of the message: Cancellation of the order
  2. In the content of the message: a) order number b) the name of the customer c) address of the customer

Delivery time

Seller will do his best to make the goods be delivered to the customer on time. After the order the customer will receive a message with a copy of the order, which contains the ordered items and the total price. The message will also list phone number and email address of the seller, which can be contacted in case of any questions or comments regarding the order. In the case that the ordered goods is currently not in stock, the seller will contact the customer and let him know about delivery date.


The delivery of ordered goods are made our contractual partner. In any case, BUDO SHOP online store is not responsible for delay in delivery. Delivery is made to address that is provided at registration or order. In case the stock hits zero, the customer will be immediately notified and presented with other offer or expected delivery time. Additional conditions and information about the delivery can be found at Delivery.


Information concerning the order is stored by the seller. They can be found in the user's personal account (access via internet) or in the seller's business time in the database (access in person or by telephone). The contract may be concluded in the Slovenian language. Contract or order can be made by telephone, email or online via the online store. Corrections or additions to the order can be sent by e-mail or made by telephone.

Return policy

In the case that you are not satisfied with ordered items, you can use 14 days period to withdraw from the contract. The period shall begin on the day following the receipt of goods. The products must then be returned within 30 days after the notice of withdrawal. The cost of returning borne by the customer.

Before returning let us know by e-mail or call us by telephone to discuss the best way to recovery. We don't accept ransom consigments.

Products must be undamaged and in original packaging with all manuals and warranty certificates. Recovery must enclose copy of the original invoice. Purchase price for returned items will be credited to your bank account or we can use it as a credit on your next purchase. We return money only to transaction accounts and we don't return cash. Please note that you will be responsible for the return shipment and the shipping fees for the exchanged item(s). The only cost to the consumer in connection with the assignment of the contract is the direct cost of returning goods. In the case that items are damaged, used, without its original packaging, or original packaging is damaged, the seller reserves right to refuse to refund or charge adequate compensation. Money is returned immediately or within 30 days. We recommend sending returns back through a tracked & insured shipping method. We are not responsible for returns that are lost or damaged in the mail.

Return services does not apply to:
  • Compact discs (CDs and DVDs), video cassettes (VHS) and tapes, if they are unpacked from the original packaging or it's broken safety seal
  • Software and games, if the products are unpacked from the original packaging or it's broken safety seal
  • Books, newspapers and magazines, if the products are unpacked from the original packaging or it's broken safety seal
  • Supplies, if the products are unpacked from the original packaging or it's broken safety seal
  • Goods which have been manufactured or ordered under strict instructions of the consumer, which has been adapted to its specific needs, which by its nature is not eligible for reimbursement, which are perishable or which has expired shelf
We change products for the same product only if they are damaged or otherwise inactive. In the case that these conditions are not relevant, we should reject the complaint of the goods. Products can be returned to our address through a delivery service or in person. Please, before returning contact us in order to find which method is best for you.

Dolenjska 80
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 41 711 840
Fax: + 386 1 8951 742


Andrej Jasenc s.p.
Gorenje 33
1332 Stara Cerkev

Return policy products purchased at the Budo Shop online store is in line with the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act.

Privacy statement

Registration and / or entry of personal data in the online store is necessary and necessarily needed to operate the service. Service will never be forwarded, sold, leased or otherwise traded with your personal information. Your personal information will never be used if you do not agree with the method of application. Users can view the information we maintain about them through their account. Under no circumstances will BUDO SHOP use your credit card and address information for any other use other than to process your order. BUDO SHOP WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR CREDIT INFORMATION so please do not respond if you receive any such requests via e-mail, phone, or any other methods.

Purchase perilous products

When purchasing certain products (swords, knives, ...), in accordance with the law the seller reserves the right to verify the buyer's age of majority. The customer has to provide a valid identity document by electronic or regular mail or fax if is required.

Copyrights and Trademarks

BUDO SHOP Online Store and all content and information contained on the pages herein are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. All information included on this site, including, but not limited to, any and all text, graphics, logos, images, articles and such, is the sole property of shopkeeper. No material or information contained on this web site shall be downloaded, used, copied, reproduced, republished, posted, transmitted, transferred, distributed, or exploited in any way without the previous written consent of seller. Any unauthorized downloading, use, copying, reproduction, republication, posting, transmission, transfer, distribution or exploitation of such materials and information is prohibited. You will be fully liable for any infringement of copyright or other intellectual property owned by seller and/or its subsidiaries. Trademarks and logos on this web site are trademarks of the seller. All other images and product names used on this eebsite are property of their respective owners.


The seller is trying their best to make the site include accurate and timely information about products, prices and stock. However, the seller does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information, nor does accept any damages or liability for errors in the content of the site. Images of products may be symbolic and may not represent actual situation and may not provide the product attributes (color, accessories).

Seller strives to the highest possible level of timeliness and accuracy of published data on the website. Nevertheless, a decreased level of applied technology solutions, the introduction, transmission, or any other data processing result can cause an errors that may be displayed on the site. In the case that the visitor of the web site estimates some wrongly displayed information, he can communicate a seller by the contact addresses. The shopkeeper cannot be responsible for occasional problems with the website, the possible inaccuracy of data, nor for any damages resulting from the use of inaccurate or incomplete information, and the inability to access and use the information on this site.
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